Physics Minor Programs

Minor in Physics

The Minor in Physics provides a solid foundation for the pursuit of a broad range of professional activities in science and engineering. The requirements for a Minor in Physics are 18.03 or 18.032, plus at least five Course 8 subjects beyond the General Institute Requirements that constitute at least 57 units.

Students thinking about earning a minor in Physics might also explore the alternative of obtaining a second major through the VIII-Flexible option.

Students should submit a completed Minor Application Form to Academic Programs, Room 4-315. The Physics Minor Coordinator is Ms. Catherine Modica.

Minor in Astronomy

The Minor Program in Astronomy, offered jointly with the Department of Earth, Atmosphere, and Planetary Sciences (EAPS), covers the observational and theoretical foundations of astronomy. The minor requires seven subjects as follows:

  • Astronomy, Mathematics, and Physics
    Required Subjects: 8.03; 8.282J/12.402J; 18.03 or 18.034
  • Astrophysics
    Choose one: 8.284 or 8.286
  • Planetary Astronomy
    Choose one: 12.008, 12.400, 12.420, or 12.425
  • Instrumentation and Observations
    Choose one: 8.287/12.410, 12.43J, 12.431J, or 12.432J
  • Independent Project in Astronomy
    Choose one: 8.UR, 8.ThU, 12.UR, 12.ThU, or 12.411

Four of the subjects used to satisfy the requirements for the astronomy minor may not be used to satisfy any other minor or major.

The Astronomy Minor Coordinator is Prof. Richard Binzel.

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