UROP Opportunities

The Department of Physics supports the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) by providing numerous positions for undergraduates with our faculty and in our research labs. Specific opportunities and general information about the UROP program including funding opportunities, guidelines, and resources can be found at http://web.mit.edu/urop/.

Physics majors who would like to participate in a UROP should complete the following:

  1. Visit the UROP website for opportunities, guidelines and resources.
  2. Once a UROP is chosen, complete a UROP proposal as directed below.
  3. Submit the UROP proposal by the deadline as printed by the UROP Office.

Physics UROP Proposals

One of the first steps in attaining a UROP is writing and submitting a proposal. When submitting a proposal within Physics, you are encouraged to explain how your UROP experience fits into the overall research picture in the sub field of physics in which you are interested. Your UROP write-up should detail this to an audience with some knowledge of science but not a detailed knowledge of your sub field. This means that terms like Ising model, SO galaxy, optical molasses, etc. should be explained the first time you use them, along with their significance.

Three major concerns should be addressed in the proposal:

  1. The general field of your research and where your group's research fits in.
  2. How your particular project fits into the group's research.
  3. How you plan to attack your project, including an assessment of what you might be able to accomplish if all goes well.

You can probably do this in a single page with one paragraph devoted to each of the above issues. If this is a first time project for you, you can be pretty sketchy on the details. Conversely, if this is a continuation of a previous UROP, the UROP Coordinator, Professor Nergis Mavalvala, would like to know how this project builds on what you've accomplished in the past.

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