Center for Theoretical Physics

A division of the Department of Physics and the Laboratory for Nuclear Science.

Our Research

We are a unified research and teaching center focused on fundamental physics. Our activities range from string theory and cosmology at the highest energies down through unification and beyond-the-standard-model physics, through the standard model, to QCD, hadrons, quark matter, and nuclei at the low energy scale.    

Recent Publications

  • Generating functions for intersection products of divisors in resolved F-theory models
    Patrick Jefferson and Andrew P. Turner
    June 23, 2022, arXiv:2206.11527
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • A Stimulating Explanation of the Extragalactic Radio Background
    Andrea Caputo, Hongwan Liu, Siddharth Mishra-Sharma, Maxim Pospelov and Joshua T. Ruderman
    June 15, 2022, arXiv:2206.07713
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • A lattice QCD perspective on weak decays of b and c quarks Snowmass 2022 White Paper
    Peter A. Boyle, Bipasha Chakraborty, Christine T.H. Davies, Thomas DeGrand, Carleton DeTar et. al.
    May 30, 2022, arXiv:2205.15373
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • One-loop matching for gluon lattice TMDs
    Stella T. Schindler, Iain W. Stewart and Yong Zhao
    May 24, 2022, arXiv:2205.12369
    Abstract: (click to show)