Center for Theoretical Physics

A division of the Department of Physics and the Laboratory for Nuclear Science.

Our Research

We are a unified research and teaching center focused on fundamental physics. Our activities range from string theory and cosmology at the highest energies down through unification and beyond-the-standard-model physics, through the standard model, to QCD, hadrons, quark matter, and nuclei at the low energy scale.    

Recent Publications

  • Infinite Neural Network Quantum States
    Di Luo and James Halverson
    December 1, 2021, arXiv:2112.00723
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Mixed-state entanglement and information recovery in thermalized states and evaporating black holes
    Shreya Vardhan, Jonah Kudler-Flam, Hassan Shapourian and Hong Liu
    November 30, 2021, arXiv:2112.00020
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Scattering from generalised lattice \(\phi^4\) theory
    Marco Garofalo, Fernando Romero-López, Akaki Rusetskya and Carsten Urbach
    November 30, 2021, arXiv:2111.15447
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Model-Independent Error Mitigation in Parametric Quantum Circuits and Depolarizing Projection of Quantum Noise
    Xiaoyang Wang, Xu Feng, Lena Funcke, Tobias Hartung, Karl Jansen et. al.
    November 30, 2021, arXiv:2111.15522
    Abstract: (click to show)