Organizers: Netta Engelhardt, Chris Akers, Patrick Jefferson, Washington Taylor
Held every Wednesday, 2-3pm EST.


February 24
Roberto Emparan
Quantum BTZ black hole
Abstract: The study of quantum effects on black holes including their gravitational backreaction is an important but notoriously hard problem. I will begin by reviewing how the framework of braneworld holography allows to solve it for strongly-coupled quantum conformal fields. Then I will describe a holographic construction of quantum rotating BTZ black holes (quBTZ) using an exact dual four-dimensional bulk solution. Besides yielding the quantum-corrected geometry and the renormalized stress tensor of quBTZ, we use it to show that the quantum black hole entropy, which includes the entanglement of the fields outside the horizon, rather non-trivially satisfies the first law of thermodynamics, while the Bekenstein-Hawking-Wald entropy does not.

March 3
Kenneth Intriligator, UCSD
title TBA

March 10
Simeon Hellerman, IPMU Tokyo

March 17

March 24
Yasunori Lee, IPMU

March 31
Edgar Shaghoulian
title TBA

April 7
Jorrit Kruthoff, Stanford
Title TBA

April 21 at 11:30 am
Suvrat Raju, ICTS
Title TBA

April 28
Alejandra Castro
Title TBA

May 12
Dan Freed, UT Austin​​
Title TBA