• Beyond Schrödinger-Poisson: Nonrelativistic Effective Field Theory for Scalar Dark Matter
    Borna Salehian, Hong-Yi Zhang, Mustafa A. Amin, David I. Kaiser and Mohammad Hossein Namjoo
    April 20, 2021, arXiv:2104.10128
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Searching for Leptoquarks at Future Muon Colliders
    Pouya Asadi, Rodolfo Capdevilla, Cari Cesarotti and Samuel Homiller
    April 12, 2021, arXiv:2104.05720
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Spontaneous CP Violation and Horizontal Symmetry in the MSSM: Toward Lepton Flavor Naturalness
    Daniel Aloni, Pouya Asadi, Yuichiro Nakai, Matthew Reece and Motoo Suzuki
    April 6, 2021, arXiv:2104.02679
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Why is AI hard and Physics simple?
    Daniel A. Roberts
    March 31, 2021, arXiv:2104.00008
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Accidentally Asymmetric Dark Matter
    Pouya Asadi, Eric David Kramer, Eric Kuflik, Gregory W. Ridgway, Tracy R. Slatyer et. al.
    March 17, 2021, arXiv:2103.09822
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Parton Physics from a Heavy-Quark Operator Product Expansion: I. Formalism and Wilson Coefficients
    William Detmold, Anthony V. Grebe, Issaku Kanamori, C.-J David Lin, Robert J. Perry et. al.
    March 17, 2021, arXiv:2103.09529
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • The Galactic potential and dark matter density from angular stellar accelerations
    Malte Buschmann, Benjamin R. Safdi and Katelin Schutz
    March 8, 2021, arXiv:2103.05000
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Real-time lattice gauge theory actions: unitarity, convergence, and path integral contour deformations
    Gurtej Kanwar and Michael L. Wagman
    March 3, 2021, arXiv:2103.02602
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • On systems of maximal quantum chaos
    Mike Blake and Hong Liu
    February 22, 2021, arXiv:2102.11294
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • The Higgs \(p_T\) Spectrum and Total Cross Section with Fiducial Cuts at N\(^3\)LL\(‘\)+N\(^3\)LO
    Georgios Billis, Bahman Dehnadi, Markus A. Ebert, Johannes K.L. Michel and Frank J. Tackmann
    February 16, 2021, arXiv:2102.08039
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Topological Obstructions to Autoencoding
    Joshua Batson, C. Grace Haaf, Yonatan Kahn and Daniel A. Roberts
    February 16, 2021, arXiv:2102.08380
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Few-nucleon matrix elements in pionless effective field theory in a finite volume
    W. Detmold and P.E. Shanahan
    February 8, 2021, arXiv:2102.04329
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Hyperbolic Three-String Vertex
    Atakan Hilmi Fırat
    February 7, 2021, arXiv:2102.03936
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • The axial charge of the triton from lattice QCD
    Assumpta Parreño, Phiala E. Shanahan, Michael L. Wagman, Frank Winter, Emmanuel Chang et. al.
    February 7, 2021, arXiv:2102.03805
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Open Quantum Systems for Quarkonia
    Xiaojun Yao
    February 2, 2021, arXiv:2102.01736
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Path integral contour deformations for observables in \(SU(N)\) gauge theory
    William Detmold, Gurtej Kanwar, Henry Lamm, Michael L. Wagman and Neill C. Warrington
    January 29, 2021, arXiv:2101.12668
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Introduction to Normalizing Flows for Lattice Field Theory
    Michael S. Albergo, Denis Boyda, Daniel C. Hackett, Gurtej Kanwar, Kyle Cranmer et. al.
    January 20, 2021, arXiv:2101.08176
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • E Pluribus Unum Ex Machina: Learning from Many Collider Events at Once
    Benjamin Nachman and Jesse Thaler
    January 18, 2021, arXiv:2101.07263
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Forward scattering in a thermal Plasma
    Varun Vaidya
    January 6, 2021, arXiv:2101.02225
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • EFT for Soft Drop Double Differential Cross Section
    Aditya Pathak, Iain W. Stewart, Varun Vaidya and Lorenzo Zoppi
    December 31, 2020, arXiv:2012.15568
    Abstract: (click to show)
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