11:00 pm Dark Matter Journal Club (Ayasli Seminar Room, 6-310)

2:00 pm  Nuclear and Particle Theory Seminar

3:00 pm Nuclear and Particle Theory Social

3:00 pm String Journal Club (6-310)

4:00 pm  Nuclear and Particle Physics Colloquium


12:00 pm Graduate Student Lunch Club

12:00 pm  LNS Lunch Seminar

2:30 pm  Tufts/MIT Cosmology (held at the CTP every other week)

4:00 pm Astrophysics Colloquia (Marlar Lounge, 37-252)


3:00 pm String/Gravity Theory Seminar


10:00 am Virtual Lattice Field Theory Colloquium (held at the CTP every 2 weeks)

11:00 am  Lattice Group Meeting (Cosman Room)

1:15pm    String/Gravity Group Meeting (Cosman Room)

4:00   QI Choi Research Group (Cosman Room)

4:00 pm. Physics Department Colloquium


11:00 am QI Group meeting (Cosman Room)

2:00 pm IAIFI events

4:00 pm  EFT Group Meeting (Ayasli Seminar Room, 6-310)

* check web page for seminar time each week

Occasional special seminars will be announced on the main page.

Here’s our archive of past seminar schedules.

CTP Seminar Code of Conduct Statement

CTP seminar code of conduct: CTP members and visitors are expected to uphold the fundamental MIT Physics Community values of well-being, respect, inclusion, collaboration, and mentorship, and to treat one another with respect and decency at all times. While questions, discussions, and scholarly debate are encouraged, we ask that seminar participants be mindful that their words and actions do not stifle the contributions of others, especially participants who may be affected by systemic biases. Harassment, intimidation, or inappropriate remarks about individual characteristics such as gender, race, sexual orientation, physical ability, age, national origin, religion, or citizenship status will not be tolerated.

Other Seminars at MIT and in the Boston area