• Gluon gravitational structure of hadrons of different spin
    Dimitra A. Pefkou, Daniel C. Hackett and Phiala E. Shanahan
    July 21, 2021, arXiv:2107.10368
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Neural Conditional Reweighting
    Benjamin Nachman and Jesse Thaler
    July 19, 2021, arXiv:2107.08979
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Non-Abelian Electric Field Correlator at NLO for Dark Matter Relic Abundance and Quarkonium Transport
    Tobias Binder, Kyohei Mukaida, Bruno Scheihing-Hitschfeld and Xiaojun Yao
    July 8, 2021, arXiv:2107.03945
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Flow-based sampling for multimodal distributions in lattice field theory
    Daniel C. Hackett, Chung-Chun Hsieh, Michael S. Albergo, Denis Boyda, Jiunn-Wei Chen et. al.
    July 1, 2021, arXiv:2107.00734
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Soft pion scattering in infrared-conformal gauge-fermion theories
    Daniel C. Hackett and Ethan T. Neil
    July 1, 2021, arXiv:2107.00658
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Radiative corrections for factorized jet observables in heavy ion collisions
    Varun Vaidya
    June 30, 2021, arXiv:2107.00029
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • The Principles of Deep Learning Theory
    Daniel A. Roberts, Sho Yaida and Boris Hanin
    June 18, 2021, arXiv:2106.10165
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Conformal Rigidity from Focusing
    Åsmund Folkestad and Sergio Hernández-Cuenca
    June 16, 2021, arXiv:2106.09037
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Quantum simulation of non-equilibrium dynamics and thermalization in the Schwinger model
    Wibe A. de Jong, Kyle Lee, James Mulligan, Mateusz Płoskoń, Felix Ringer et. al.
    June 15, 2021, arXiv:2106.08394
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • \(\mathcal PT\) symmetry, pattern formation, and finite-density QCD
    Moses A. Schindler, Stella T. Schindler and Michael C. Ogilvie
    June 13, 2021, arXiv:2106.07092
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Flow-based sampling for fermionic lattice field theories
    Michael S. Albergo, Gurtej Kanwar, Sébastien Racanière, Danilo J. Rezende, Julian M. Urban et. al.
    June 10, 2021, arXiv:2106.05934
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Preserving New Physics while Simultaneously Unfolding All Observables
    Patrick Komiske, W. Patrick McCormack and Benjamin Nachman
    May 20, 2021, arXiv:2105.09923
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Adiabatic Construction of Hierarchical Quantum Hall States
    Martin Greiter and Frank Wilczek
    May 12, 2021, arXiv:2105.05625
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • New Thermal Relic Targets for Inelastic Vector-Portal Dark Matter
    Patrick J. Fitzpatrick, Hongwan Liu, Tracy R. Slatyer and Yu-Dai Tsai
    May 11, 2021, arXiv:2105.05255
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Beyond Schrödinger-Poisson: Nonrelativistic Effective Field Theory for Scalar Dark Matter
    Borna Salehian, Hong-Yi Zhang, Mustafa A. Amin, David I. Kaiser and Mohammad Hossein Namjoo
    April 20, 2021, arXiv:2104.10128
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Searching for Leptoquarks at Future Muon Colliders
    Pouya Asadi, Rodolfo Capdevilla, Cari Cesarotti and Samuel Homiller
    April 12, 2021, arXiv:2104.05720
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Spontaneous CP Violation and Horizontal Symmetry in the MSSM: Toward Lepton Flavor Naturalness
    Daniel Aloni, Pouya Asadi, Yuichiro Nakai, Matthew Reece and Motoo Suzuki
    April 6, 2021, arXiv:2104.02679
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Why is AI hard and Physics simple?
    Daniel A. Roberts
    March 31, 2021, arXiv:2104.00008
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Accidentally Asymmetric Dark Matter
    Pouya Asadi, Eric David Kramer, Eric Kuflik, Gregory W. Ridgway, Tracy R. Slatyer et. al.
    March 17, 2021, arXiv:2103.09822
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Parton Physics from a Heavy-Quark Operator Product Expansion: I. Formalism and Wilson Coefficients
    William Detmold, Anthony V. Grebe, Issaku Kanamori, C.-J David Lin, Robert J. Perry et. al.
    March 17, 2021, arXiv:2103.09529
    Abstract: (click to show)