• No-Go Theorems on Localization of Gravity around Higher Codimensional Branes in Noncompact Extra Dimensions
    Shing Yan Li
    December 11, 2020, arXiv:2012.06409
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Automatic Enhancement in 6D Supergravity and F-theory Models
    Nikhil Raghuram, Washington Taylor and Andrew P. Turner
    December 2, 2020, arXiv:2012.01437
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Four coupled SYK models and Nearly AdS\(_2\) gravities: Phase Transitions in Traversable wormholes and in Bra-ket wormholes
    Tokiro Numasawa
    November 25, 2020, arXiv:2011.12962
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Tackling Loopholes in Experimental Tests of Bell’s Inequality
    David I. Kaiser
    November 18, 2020, arXiv:2011.09296
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • On the interplay between magnetic field and anisotropy in holographic QCD
    Umut Gürsoy, Matti Järvinen, Govert Nijs and Juan F. Pedraza
    November 18, 2020, arXiv:2011.09474
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • The cosmology of sub-MeV dark matter freeze-in
    Cora Dvorkin, Tongyan Lin and Katelin Schutz
    November 16, 2020, arXiv:2011.08186
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • New Pathways to the Relic Abundance of Vector-Portal Dark Matter
    Patrick J. Fitzpatrick, Hongwan Liu, Tracy R. Slatyer and Yu-Dai Tsai
    November 2, 2020, arXiv:2011.01240
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Ambiguities in the definition of local spatial densities in light hadrons
    Robert L. Jaffe
    October 29, 2020, arXiv:2010.15887
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • A transverse momentum differential global analysis of Heavy Ion Collisions
    Govert Nijs, Wilke van der Schee, Umut Gürsoy and Raimond Snellings
    October 28, 2020, arXiv:2010.15130
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Complexity in One- and Two-Qubit Systems
    Reginald J. Caginalp and Samuel Leutheusser
    October 28, 2020, arXiv:2010.15099
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • A Bayesian analysis of Heavy Ion Collisions with Trajectum
    Govert Nijs, Wilke Van Der Schee, Umut Gürsoy and Raimond Snellings
    October 28, 2020, arXiv:2010.15134
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Mapping Machine-Learned Physics into a Human-Readable Space
    Taylor Faucett, Jesse Thaler and Daniel Whiteson
    October 22, 2020, arXiv:2010.11998
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Standard Model from A Supergravity Model with a Naturally Small Cosmological Constant
    Shing Yan Li, Yu-Cheng Qiu and S.-H. Henry Tye
    October 20, 2020, arXiv:2010.10089
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Nonminimal Couplings and the Forgotten Field of Axion Inflation
    Evan McDonough, Alan H. Guth and David I. Kaiser
    October 8, 2020, arXiv:2010.04179
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Quantum simulation of open quantum systems in heavy-ion collisions
    Wibe A. De Jong, Mekena Metcalf, James Mulligan, Mateusz Płoskoń, Felix Ringer et. al.
    October 7, 2020, arXiv:2010.03571
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Jet Wake from Linearized Hydrodynamics
    Jorge Casalderrey-Solana, José Guilherme Milhano, Daniel Pablos, Krishna Rajagopal and Xiaojun Yao
    October 2, 2020, arXiv:2010.01140
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Exoplanets as New Sub-GeV Dark Matter Detectors
    Rebecca K. Leane and Juri Smirnov
    September 30, 2020, arXiv:2010.00015
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Effective Field Theory for jet substructure in heavy ion collisions
    Varun Vaidya
    September 30, 2020, arXiv:2010.00028
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Low-energy Scattering and Effective Interactions of Two Baryons at \(m_{\pi}\sim\) 450 MeV from Lattice Quantum Chromodynamics
    Marc Illa, Silas R. Beane, Emmanuel Chang, Zohreh Davoudi, William Detmold et. al.
    September 25, 2020, arXiv:2009.12357
    Abstract: (click to show)
  • Chaos exponents of SYK traversable wormholes
    Tomoki Nosaka and Tokiro Numasawa
    September 22, 2020, arXiv:2009.10759
    Abstract: (click to show)