Mondays, 2:00pm
MIT Center for Theoretical Physics
Organizers: Johannes Michel, Phiala Shanahan, Tracy Slatyer, Xiaojun Yao

September 13
Manuel Buen-Abad, University of Maryland
“New developments in axion physics: challenges from the muon g-2 and echoes of supernova remnants”

September 20
One-Minute-One Slide Seminar Social

September 27
Bryan Ostdiek, Harvard
“Challenges with Anomaly Detection in High Energy Physics”

October 4
Daniel Pablos Alfonso, INFN Torino
Jet Hydrodynamization in Heavy Ion Collisions

October 11
Holiday Indigenous Day no seminar

October 18
Tyler Gorda, TU Darmstadt
High-density quark matter in the cores of neutron stars

October 25
Saori Pastore, Washington University, St.Louis
Fundamental Physics with Nuclei

November 1
Eleni Vryonidou, Manchester University, UK
SMEFT precision for global LHC fits

November 8
Viljami Leino, T U Munich
Momentum diffusion of heavy quarks from lattice simulations

November 15
Yingying Li, Fermilab
“Lattice renormalization of real-time simulations”

November 22
Valerie Domcke, CERN/EPFL
Probing the scale of grand unification with gravitational waves 

November 29
Alexander Millar, Stockholm U
Dark Photon Limits: a Cookbook

December 6
Tom Melia, Kavli IPMU
A Large-N Expansion for Minimum Bias