Mondays, 2:00pm
MIT Center for Theoretical Physics
Organizers: Daniel Hackett, Phiala Shanahan, Katelin Schutz, Jesse Thaler, Varun Vaidya

February 22

March 1
Quark matter in cores of neutron stars
Aleksi Kurkela, University of Stavanger

March 8
No Seminar

March 15
Factorization at Subleading Power and End Point Singularities
Zelong Liu, LANL

March 22
No Seminar

March 29
Constraining the nature of dark matter with stellar streams in the Milky Way
Jo Bovy, University of Toronto

April 5
Lepton-nucleus interactions within nuclear many-body theory
Noemi Rocco, Fermilab

April 12
Amplitudes for Monopoles and All-PM Classical Scattering
Ofri Telem, UC Berkeley

April 19 Patriot’s Day
No Seminar

April 26
Astrophysical Uncertainties in Dark Matter-electron Scattering and How to Elude Them
Tien-Tien Yu

May 3
Towards an all-orders calculation of the electroweak bubble wall velocity
Jessica Turner
, Durham

May 10
“Discovering partonic rescattering in light nucleus collisions”
Aleksas Mazeliauskas, CERN

May 17
“Small-x Contribution to the Proton Spin Puzzle”?
Yuri Kovchegov, OSU