In order to encourage graduate students to apply for external fellowship funding that may supplement or replace MIT funds, the Physics Department provides a one-time External Fellowship Incentive award up to $1,100.00, which can be used to support research while at MIT. These funds can be used for the purchase of: Airlines tickets, conferences, tablets, phones, books, membership fees, etc. Please keep in mind that if you are submitting travel documentation, this reimbursement will be treated as a travel expense report and a check will be delivered to the address you provide, also this type of reimbursement can take up to 1-2 weeks to be completed.

This award will be given to any student receiving an external fellowship that funds over 25% of the student’s stipend and tuition costs. Students who are granted with this award can spend the amount all at once or in different requests for reimbursements.

Students will be required to fill out a form which details the purchase/s and the total dollar amount, that will need to be emailed to for reviewing and signing.

Once this document is fully executed will be sent back to the student for him/her to create a reimbursement in Atlas. Please read carefully the instructions on the form. Make sure to have all the receipt/s for purchase/s and the signed form at the moment to create a reimbursement request (RFP). Please note that taxes are not refundable, if you need to negotiate the waving of the them with the vendor, please also send an email to Dakota Wyne who will provide the necessary documentation for this purpose.

Finally, we encourage all the recipients of this award to set up a direct deposit via Atlas to ensure a faster delivery of the funds and let us know if there are any questions to answer, before proceeding to purchase something.

Physics Department
Finance Team