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Raymond Ashoori

Professor of Physics
Division Head, Atomic, Biophysical, and Condensed Matter Physics
Focus of research lies in the study of interacting electronic systems in low dimensional electronic structures.

William Barletta

Professor of Physics
Concentrates on the physics, design, and use of high current accelerators for both discovery science and industrial applications.

John Belcher

Class of 1922 Professor of Physics, Emeritus
Research interests are within the areas of space plasma physics, in particular the interaction of the heliosphere with the local interstellar medium.

George Benedek

Alfred H. Caspary Professor of Physics and Biological Physics, Emeritus
Research centers on phase transitions, self-assembly and aggregation of biological molecules.

A. Nihat Berker

Professor of Physics, Emeritus
Best known for his research in statistical mechanics; especially on phase transitions and critical phenomena.

William Bertozzi

Professor of Physics, Emeritus
Recognized as a world leader and innovator in the field of experimental electromagnetic nuclear physics.

Edmund Bertschinger

Professor of Physics
Research in theoretical astrophysics, physics education, and in equity, diversity, and inclusion in the physical sciences and engineering.

Robert Birgeneau

Professor of Physics, Emeritus
Primarily concerned with the phases and phase transition behavior of novel states of matter.

Hale Bradt

Professor of Physics, Emeritus
Before retirement: X-ray source positions and the follow-up studies of the objects identified. Recently: writing in military history.

Wit Busza

Francis L. Friedman Professor of Physics, Emeritus
Known for his pioneering studies of hadron-nucleus collisions and PHOBOS experiment, which studied matter at extreme energy density and temperature.

Claude Canizares

Bruno B. Rossi Distinguished Professor in Experimental Physics
Graduate Student Advocate
Research in galactic and extra-galactic high energy astrophysics.

Paola Cappellaro

Ford Professor of Engineering
Professor of Physics
Specialist in spin-based quantum information processing and precision measurements in the solid state.

Deepto Chakrabarty

Professor of Physics
Department Head
Research specialty is in high-energy astrophysics and the physics and astrophysics of neutron stars.

Arup Chakraborty

John M. Deutch Institute Professor
Professor of Chemical Engineering, Physics, and Chemistry
Understanding the mechanisms underlying the immune response to pathogens for the design of better vaccines; phase separation in gene regulation.

Joseph Checkelsky

Mitsui Career Development Associate Professor of Physics
Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Focuses on the study of exotic electronic states of matter through the synthesis, measurement, and control of solid state materials.

Min Chen

Professor of Physics, Emeritus
Has pioneered the field of reverse Cherenkov Radiation (RCR) in left-handed material since 2003.

Soonwon Choi

Assistant Professor of Physics
Research interests are focused on the intersection of quantum information science and out-of-equilibrium dynamics of quantum many-body systems.

Isaac Chuang

Professor of Physics
Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
A pioneer in the field of quantum information science.

Riccardo Comin

Class of 1947 Career Development Associate Professor of Physics
He explores the novel phases of matter that can be found in electronic solids with strong interactions, also known as quantum materials.

Janet Conrad

Professor of Physics
Searches for signatures of new particles, new forces and new symmetries using neutrinos from MeV to PeV energy scales.

Bruno Coppi

Professor of Physics, Emeritus
Has given basic contributions to the fields of plasma physics, nuclear fusion research, space physics and plasma astrophysics.

William Detmold

Professor of Physics
Graduate Program Faculty Coordinator
Interests are in strong interaction dynamics in theoretical particle and nuclear physics.

Anna-Christina Eilers

Assistant Professor of Physics
Observational cosmologist aiming to understand the formation and growth of supermassive black holes.

Netta Engelhardt

Biedenharn Career Development Associate Professor of Physics
Research focuses on understanding the predictions and fundamental structure of quantum gravity via holography and the black hole information paradox.

Matthew Evans

Mathworks Professor of Physics
Works on providing the designs and foundations for the next generation of gravitational wave detectors.

Nikta Fakhri

Thomas D. & Virginia W. Cabot Career Development Associate Professor of Physics
Investigates non-equilibrium physics in living systems.

Edward Farhi

Cecil & Ida Green Professor of Physics, Emeritus
Present interest is the theory of quantum computation.

Peter Fisher

Thomas A. Frank (1977) Professor of Physics
Interests include the detection of dark matter, development of new particle detectors, compact energy supplies, and wireless energy transmission.

Richard Fletcher

Assistant Professor of Physics
Utilizes exquisitely controlled ultracold atomic gases to synthesize exotic quantum matter hard or even impossible to realize in nature.

Joseph Formaggio

Professor of Physics
Explores the nature of neutrinos and their deep connection between particle physics, quantum mechanics and cosmology.

Anna Frebel

Professor of Physics
Division Head for Astrophysics
Best known for her discoveries and spectroscopic analyses of the oldest, most metal-poor stars in the Milky Way and small dwarf galaxies.

Daniel Freedman

Professor of Applied Mathematics and Physics, Emeritus
Discovered supergravity at StonyBrook University with Sergio Ferrrara and Peter van Nieuwenhuizen in 1976.

Jerome Friedman

Professor of Physics, Emeritus
Institute Professor, Emeritus
1990 Nobel Laureate
Experiments in which high-energy electron scattering uncovered the constituents of the proton and neutrons led to the 1990 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Liang Fu

Professor of Physics
Concerned with the application of topology in solid state physics to predict new phases of matter and topological materials.

Ronald Fernando Garcia Ruiz

Assistant Professor of Physics
Focused on the study of atoms and molecules containing short-lived radioactive nuclei for fundamental physics research.

Nuh Gedik

Donner Professor of Physics
His research centers on using advanced optical techniques for probing and controlling properties of quantum materials.

Jeffrey Goldstone

Professor of Physics, Emeritus
Famous for the discovery of the Nambu–Goldstone boson. He is currently working on quantum computation.

Jeff Gore

Professor of Physics
Uses experimentally tractable laboratory microcosms to explore how interactions between individuals drives the evolution and ecology of communities.

Thomas Greytak

Lester Wolfe Professor of Physics, Emeritus
With his colleague Daniel Kleppner, he helped to pioneer the field of Bose-Einstein condensation and quantum gasses.

Lee Grodzins

Professor of Physics, Emeritus
He has performed many profound and pioneering experiments, including groundbreaking measurements key to our understanding of the weak interaction.

Alan Guth

Victor F. Weisskopf Professor of Physics
In 1981, he proposed that many features of our universe can be explained by a new cosmological model which he called inflation.

Daniel Harlow

Jerrold R. Zacharias Career Development Associate Professor of Physics
Works on combining quantum mechanics and gravity, focusing on the quantum-mechanical aspects of black holes and cosmology.

Philip Harris

Associate Professor of Physics
Building real-time deep learning systems to search for dark matter and understand the Higgs boson

Aram Harrow

Professor of Physics
His research focuses on quantum information and computing.

Or Hen

Class of 1956 Career Development Associate Professor of Physics
Focuses on studies of QCD in the nuclear medium, and the development on the new Electron-Ion Collider.

Jacqueline Hewitt

Julius A. Stratton Professor of Physics
Current research interests are in radio astronomy investigations of the Cosmic Dawn.

Scott Hughes

Professor of Physics
Professor Hughes' research is in astrophysical general relativity, focusing in particular upon black holes and gravitational-wave sources.

Gian Michele Innocenti

Assistant Professor of Physics
Research focuses on characterizing high-density and temperature QCD matter with ultra-peripheral and head-on heavy-ion collisions.

Erich Ippen

Professor of Physics, Emeritus
Elihu Thomson Professor of Electrical Engineering, Emeritus
Ippen is a principal investigator in the Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE).

Mikhail Ivanov

Assistant Professor of Physics
Research focuses on large-scale structure, effective field theories, black holes, and astrophysical and cosmological data analysis.

Robert Jaffe

Otto (1939) and Jane Morningstar Professor of Science, Post-Tenure
Best known for his research on the quark substructure of matter.

Pablo Jarillo-Herrero

Cecil and Ida Green Professor of Physics
Best known for his groundbreaking research on twistronics.

John Joannopoulos

Francis Wright Davis Professor of Physics
Helped spawn the development of Photonic Crystals which have revolutionized the fields of optical and lightwave physics.

Steven Johnson

Professor of Applied Mathematics and Physics
Studies the influence and design of complex geometries ("metamaterials") on wave phenomena.

Paul Joss

Professor of Physics, Emeritus
Also the principal investigator of an ISS National Lab project focused on tropical cyclones, which are also called hurricanes and typhoons.

Long Ju

Assistant Professor of Physics
Research focuses on understanding light-matter interactions in novel quantum materials.

David Kaiser

Professor of Physics
Germeshausen Professor of the History of Science (STS)
Research focuses on early-universe cosmology, foundations of quantum theory, and history of modern physics.

Erin Kara

Class of 1958 Career Development Assistant Professor of Physics
An observational astrophysicist, working to understand the physics behind how black holes grow and affect their environments.

Mehran Kardar

Francis Friedman Professor of Physics
Interests include non-equilibrium collective behavior, disordered systems, soft matter, fluctuation-induced phenomena, and biophysics.

Marc Kastner

Donner Professor of Science, Emeritus
His research group at MIT discovered the single electron transistor in 1990.

Wolfgang Ketterle

John D. MacArthur Professor of Physics
2001 Nobel Laureate
Creation of first gaseous Bose-Einstein condensate led to being co-recipient of 2001 Nobel Prize in Physics.

Daniel Kleppner

Lester Wolfe Professor of Physics, Emeritus
With his colleague Thomas Greytak, he helped to pioneer the field of Bose-Einstein condensation and quantum gasses.

Stanley Kowalski

Professor of Physics, Emeritus
His career at MIT was centered on accelerator physics and nuclear physics research.

Yen-Jie Lee

Class of 1958 Career Development Associate Professor of Physics
Has pioneered studies of high-density QCD with electron-position annihilation data.

Patrick Lee

William & Emma Rogers Professor of Physics, Post-Tenure
A pioneer in "mesoscopic physics," the study of small devices at low temperatures.

Leonid Levitov

Professor of Physics
A pioneer in the theory of quasicrystals — orderly materials with non-crystallographic symmetries, discovered in 1985.

J. David Litster

Professor of Physics, Emeritus
Research interests have been the experimental study of phase transitions in unusual states of matter.

Hong Liu

Professor of Physics
Interested in issues in quantum gravity, such as the quantum nature of black holes and the Big Bang singularity, using the framework of string theory.

Earle Lomon

Professor of Physics, Emeritus
Research interest is quantum chromodynamics (QCD), the dynamics of quarks and gluons.

Nuno Loureiro

Professor of Physics
Professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering
Focuses on theory and simulations of astrophysical and laboratory plasmas.

Kiyoshi Masui

Associate Professor of Physics
Radio astronomer and cosmologist, whose work spans theory, data analysis, observations, and instrumentation.

June Matthews

Professor of Physics, Emerita
Her research interests are in within the area of intermediate-energy nuclear physics with electromagnetic and hadronic probes.

Nergis Mavalvala

Curtis (1963) and Kathleen Marble Professor of Astrophysics
Dean, MIT School of Science
Focuses on the detection of gravitational waves and quantum measurement science.

Michael McDonald

Associate Professor of Physics
Focuses on the evolution of galaxies and clusters of galaxies, and the role that environment plays in dictating this evolution.

Max Metlitski

Associate Professor of Physics
Interested in understanding so-called topological phases, such as quantum Hall states and topological insulators.

Sarah Millholland

Assistant Professor of Physics
Focuses on understanding the demographics, formation, and evolution of extrasolar planetary systems using data-driven dynamics.

Richard Milner

Professor of Physics
Focused on studying the spin structure of strongly interacting systems.

Leonid Mirny

Richard J. Cohen (1976) Professor in Medicine and Biomedical Physics, and Physics, MIT
Associate Member, Broad Institute at Harvard and MIT
Genome folding in 3D: understanding physical mechanisms that cells use to fold, to pack, to repair and to control their genetic material.

Ernest Moniz

Cecil and Ida Green Professor of Physics and Engineering Systems, Post-Tenure
Current research interests are centered on energy, science and technology, and national security policy.

Lina Necib

Assistant Professor of Physics
As a theoretical astroparticle physicist, I work on using Galactic dynamics to understand properties of Dark Matter.

John Negele

Professor of Physics, Emeritus
Interested in lattice field theory to solve QCD and thereby understand the structure of nucleons in terms of their quark and gluon constituents.

William Oliver

Professor of Physics
Henry Ellis Warren (1894) Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Is a recognized leader in the quantum engineering of extensible superconducting quantum circuits.

Christoph Paus

Professor of Physics
Co-lead (as one of two lead investigators) the CMS Experiment team in its search for the Higgs boson, discovered in 2012.

Kerstin Perez

Class of 1948 Career Development Associate Professor of Physics
Interested in using cosmic particles to look for beyond the Standard Model physics, in particular evidence of dark matter interactions.

Irwin Pless

Professor of Physics, Emeritus

Miklos Porkolab

Professor of Physics, Post-Tenure
Fundamental studies of nonlinear wave-particle interactions and turbulence in laboratory plasmas. Pioneered RF current drive in tokamak plasmas.

David Pritchard

Cecil and Ida Green Professor of Physics, Post-Tenure
Carried out pioneering experiments on the interaction of atoms with light that led to the creation of the field of atom optics.

Krishna Rajagopal

William A. M. Burden Professor of Physics
Probing the properties, microstructure and phase diagram of hot QCD matter, the primordial liquid.

Saul Rappaport

Professor of Physics, Emeritus
Interests centered on theoretical studies of the formation, evolution, and population synthesis of binary systems containing collapsed stars.

Robert Redwine

Professor of Physics, Emeritus
Current research is focussed on the search for a non-zero value of the electric dipole moment of the neutron.

Gunther Roland

Professor of Physics
Division Head, Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics
Studies emergent properties of strongly interacting matter under extreme conditions, such as those achieved in high energy nuclear collisions.

Lawrence Rosenson

Professor of Physics, Emeritus

Paul Schechter

William A. M. Burden Professor of Astrophysics, Emeritus
Played a major role in the development and implementation of the active optics system for the 6.5-m Magellan Telescopes.

Sara Seager

Professor of Physics
Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Class of 1941 Professor of Planetary Science
Current research interests are focused upon exoplanet atmospheres, interiors, and signs of life by way of exoplanet atmospheric biosignature gases.

Phiala Shanahan

Class of 1957 Career Development Associate Professor of Physics
Research focuses on particle and nuclear theory and applying machine learning to understand the fundamental interactions of nature.

Robert Simcoe

Francis L. Friedman Professor of Physics
Director, MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research
Studies formation of the earliest stars and galaxies by constructing custom built spectrometers for major astronomical observatories.

Tracy Slatyer

Professor of Physics
Research focuses on dark matter - novel theoretical models, predicting observable signals, and analysis of astrophysical and cosmological datasets.

Eluned Smith

Assistant Professor of Physics
Uses rare beauty decays to search for new fundamental particles at mass scales above the collision energy of the LHC

Marin Soljačić

Professor of Physics
Focuses on nanophotonics, and on intersections between AI and Physics.

Iain Stewart

Otto (1939) and Jane Morningstar Professorship in Science
Professor of Physics
Director, Center for Theoretical Physics
Designs and applies Effective Field Theories to describe physics at collider experiments and to explore the structure of quantum field theory.

Julien Tailleur

Associate Professor of Physics
Works on non-equilibrium systems, active matter and their biophysical applications.

Washington Taylor

Professor of Physics
Research is centered on basic theoretical questions related to quantum physics and gravity.

Max Tegmark

Professor of Physics
Research focuses on linking physics and machine learning: using AI for physics and physics for AI.

Jesse Thaler

Professor of Physics
Theoretical particle physicist who fuses techniques from QFT and machine learning to address outstanding questions in fundamental physics.

Samuel Ting

Institute Professor
Thomas Dudley Cabot Professor of Physics
1976 Nobel Laureate
Awarded Nobel Prize in Physics in 1976, which he shared with Burton Richter, for the discovery of the J/ψ meson nuclear particle.

Senthil Todadri

Professor of Physics
Interested in novel phases and phase transitions of quantum matter that are beyond the paradigms of Fermi liquid theory and/or broken symmetry.

Andrew Vanderburg

Assistant Professor of Physics
Explores the use of machine learning, especially deep neural networks, in exoplanet detection.

Salvatore Vitale

Associate Professor of Physics
Focuses on data analysis for gravitational waves signals detected with the LIGO instruments.

Mark Vogelsberger

Associate Professor of Physics
Uses of high-performance supercomputers to study structure and galaxy formation, dark matter physics, and large-scale hydrodynamical simulations.

Vladan Vuletić

Lester Wolfe Professor of Physics
Professor Vuletic's research includes precision measurements, large-scale quantum entanglement, quantum optics, quantum simulation and computing.

Rainer Weiss

Professor of Physics, Emeritus
2017 Nobel Laureate
LIGO inventor shares 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics for direct detection of gravitational waves.

Xiao-Gang Wen

Cecil and Ida Green Professor of Physics
Introduced the notion of topological order (1989) and quantum order (2002), to describe a new class of matter states.

Frank Wilczek

Herman Feshbach Professor of Physics
2004 Nobel Laureate
Known for the discovery of asymptotic freedom, the development of quantum chromodynamics, the invention of axions, and more...

Michael Williams

Professor of Physics
Focused on searching for dark matter, studying emergent properties of QCD, and incorporating physics intelligence into artificial intelligence.

Lindley Winslow

Professor of Physics
Associate Department Head
Currently focuses on searches for neutrinoless double-beta decay and axion dark matter.

Boleslaw Wyslouch

Professor of Physics
Director, Laboratory for Nuclear Science and Bates Research and Engineering Center
Studies extremely hot and dense states of nuclear matter, focusing on the very energetic collisions of heavy ions.

James Edward Young

Professor of Physics, Emeritus
Researched and taught theoretical particle physics, critical phenomena and nuclear physics in the MIT Center for Theoretical Physics.

Barton Zwiebach

Professor of Physics
Contributed to the early work on the construction of open string field theory and then developed the field theory of closed strings.

Martin Zwierlein

Thomas A. Frank (1977) Professor of Physics
Experiments on strongly interacting quantum gases of atoms and molecules, to realize and advance our understanding of novel states of matter.