Soonwon Choi

Assistant Professor of Physics
Research interests are focused on the intersection of quantum information science and out-of-equilibrium dynamics of quantum many-body systems.
Headshot of Soonwon Choi, Assistant Professor of Physics at MIT
(617) 253-4852
Office: 6-315
Affiliated Center(s): Center for Theoretical Physics

Research Interests

Soonwon Choi is interested in exploring dynamical phenomena that occur in strongly interacting quantum many-body systems far from equilibrium and designing their novel applications for quantum information science. This research topic is extremely rich and often involves a wide variety of interdisciplinary approaches to study: from analytic theory and numerical computations to collaborations on experiments with controlled quantum degrees of freedom.

Biographical Sketch

Soonwon Choi was born in Seoul and grew up in Daejeon, South Korea. He completed his undergraduate study in physics at Caltech in 2012, got his PhD degree in physics from Harvard University under the supervision of Prof. Mikhail Lukin in 2018. Then he worked as a Miller Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Berkeley before joining MIT as an assistant professor in July 2021. 

Awards & Honors

  • 2024 // Inchon Award "for advancements in the field of quantum science."
  • 2024 // Sloan Research Fellow