Name: Aviram Uri
Title: Pappalardo Fellow in Physics, 2021-2024
Phone: (857) 707-8045
Office: MIT Department of Physics
77 Massachusetts Avenue, 13-2037
Cambridge, MA 02139

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Area of Physics

Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

Research Interests

During his MSc Aviram Uri has developed a novel multi-terminal scanning SQUID-on-tip (SOT) for nanoscale magnetic imaging. In his PhD he used a scanning SOT to directly image the electric current flow in quantum Hall edge-states in graphene for the first time, resolving individual edge channels as well as their internal structure, revealing counter-flowing currents heretofore unobserved. Aviram then moved to the recently discovered magic angle twisted bilayer graphene – two graphene sheets stacked slightly rotated by the so-called ‘magic angle’ of ~1.1˚. He mapped the local twist angle variations with extreme precision and resolution for the first time. Aviram’s current research is focused on novel twisted two-dimensional systems that hold promise for highly-tunable strongly-correlated systems harboring extremely rich physics.

Biographical Sketch

Aviram was born and raised in Israel. In high school he majored in physics and music, playing classical and Jazz guitar. After his army service, Aviram received his BSc in physics, summa cum laude, from the Tel-Aviv University, given full-scholarship through an excellence program. He then moved to the Weizmann Institute of Science, where he studied for his MSc and PhD under the supervision of Prof. Eli Zeldov. Aviram is married to Gal and has three young daughters – Erelle, Aviv, and Imri.

Selected Publications

  • A. Uri, S. Grover, Y. Cao, J. A. Crosse, K. Bagani, D. Rodan-Legrain, Y. Myasoedov, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, P. Moon, M. Koshino, P. Jarillo-Herrero, and E. Zeldov, ”Mapping the twist-angle disorder and Landau levels in magic-angle graphene”, Nature 581, 47–52 (2020).
  • A. Uri, Y. Kim, K. Bagani, C. K. Lewandowski, S. Grover, N. Auerbach, E. O. Lachman, Y. Myasoedov, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, J. Smet, and E. Zeldov, ”Nanoscale imaging of equilibrium quantum Hall edge currents and of the magnetic monopole response in graphene”, Nat. Phys. (2019).
  • D. Halbertal, M. B. Shalom, A. Uri, K. Bagani, A. Y. Meltzer, I. Marcus, Y. Myasoedov, J. Birkbeck, L. S. Levitov, A. K. Geim, and E. Zeldov, ”Imaging resonant dissipation from individual atomic defects in graphene”, Science 358, (2017).
  • D. Halbertal, J. Cuppens, M. Ben Shalom, L. Embon, N. Shadmi, Y. Anahory, H. R. Naren, J. Sarkar, A. Uri, Y. Ronen, Y. Myasoedov, L. S. Levitov, E. Joselevich, A. K. Geim, and E. Zeldov, ”Nanoscale thermal imaging of dissipation in quantum systems”, Nature 539, 407–410 (2016).
  • A. Uri, A. Y. Meltzer, Y. Anahory, L. Embon, E. O. Lachman, D. Halbertal, N. Hr, Y. Myasoedov, M. E. Huber, A. F. Young, and E. Zeldov, ”Electrically Tunable Multiterminal SQUID-on-Tip”, Nano Lett. 16, (2016).