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William Barletta

Professor of Physics
Concentrates on the physics, design, and use of high current accelerators for both discovery science and industrial applications.

William Bertozzi

Professor of Physics, Emeritus
Recognized as a world leader and innovator in the field of experimental electromagnetic nuclear physics.

Wit Busza

Francis L. Friedman Professor of Physics, Emeritus
Known for his pioneering studies of hadron-nucleus collisions and PHOBOS experiment, which studied matter at extreme energy density and temperature.

Janet Conrad

Professor of Physics
Searches for signatures of new particles, new forces and new symmetries using neutrinos from MeV to PeV energy scales.

Bruno Coppi

Professor of Physics, Emeritus
Has given basic contributions to the fields of plasma physics, nuclear fusion research, space physics and plasma astrophysics.

Peter Fisher

Thomas A. Frank (1977) Professor of Physics
Interests include the detection of dark matter, development of new particle detectors, compact energy supplies, and wireless energy transmission.

Joseph Formaggio

Professor of Physics
Explores the nature of neutrinos and their deep connection between particle physics, quantum mechanics and cosmology.

Ronald Fernando Garcia Ruiz

Assistant Professor of Physics
Focused on the study of atoms and molecules containing short-lived radioactive nuclei for fundamental physics research.

Lee Grodzins

Professor of Physics, Emeritus
He has performed many profound and pioneering experiments, including groundbreaking measurements key to our understanding of the weak interaction.

Philip Harris

Associate Professor of Physics
Building real-time deep learning systems to search for dark matter and understand the Higgs boson

Or Hen

Class of 1956 Career Development Associate Professor of Physics
Focuses on studies of QCD in the nuclear medium, and the development on the new Electron-Ion Collider.

Gian Michele Innocenti

Assistant Professor of Physics
Research focuses on characterizing high-density and temperature QCD matter with ultra-peripheral and head-on heavy-ion collisions.

Stanley Kowalski

Professor of Physics, Emeritus
His career at MIT was centered on accelerator physics and nuclear physics research.

Yen-Jie Lee

Class of 1958 Career Development Professor of Physics
Has pioneered studies of high-density QCD with electron-position annihilation data.

June Matthews

Professor of Physics, Emerita
Her research interests are in within the area of intermediate-energy nuclear physics with electromagnetic and hadronic probes.

Richard Milner

Professor of Physics
Focused on studying the spin structure of strongly interacting systems.

Ernest Moniz

Cecil and Ida Green Professor of Physics and Engineering Systems, Post-Tenure
Current research interests are centered on energy, science and technology, and national security policy.

Irwin Pless

Professor of Physics, Emeritus

Robert Redwine

Professor of Physics, Emeritus
Current research is focussed on the search for a non-zero value of the electric dipole moment of the neutron.

Gunther Roland

Professor of Physics
Division Head, Experimental Nuclear and Particle Physics
Studies emergent properties of strongly interacting matter under extreme conditions, such as those achieved in high energy nuclear collisions.

Lindley Winslow

Professor of Physics
Associate Department Head
Currently focuses on searches for neutrinoless double-beta decay and axion dark matter.

Boleslaw Wyslouch

Professor of Physics
Director, Laboratory for Nuclear Science and Bates Research and Engineering Center
Studies extremely hot and dense states of nuclear matter, focusing on the very energetic collisions of heavy ions.