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George Benedek

Alfred H. Caspary Professor of Physics and Biological Physics, Emeritus
Research centers on phase transitions, self-assembly and aggregation of biological molecules.

Arup Chakraborty

John M. Deutch Institute Professor
Professor of Chemical Engineering, Physics, and Chemistry
Understanding the mechanisms underlying the immune response to pathogens for the design of better vaccines; phase separation in gene regulation.

Nikta Fakhri

Thomas D. & Virginia W. Cabot Career Development Associate Professor of Physics
Investigates non-equilibrium physics in living systems.

Jeff Gore

Professor of Physics
Uses experimentally tractable laboratory microcosms to explore how interactions between individuals drives the evolution and ecology of communities.

Mehran Kardar

Francis Friedman Professor of Physics
Interests include non-equilibrium collective behavior, disordered systems, soft matter, fluctuation-induced phenomena, and biophysics.

Leonid Mirny

Richard J. Cohen (1976) Professor in Medicine and Biomedical Physics, and Physics, MIT
Associate Member, Broad Institute at Harvard and MIT
Genome folding in 3D: understanding physical mechanisms that cells use to fold, to pack, to repair and to control their genetic material.

Julien Tailleur

Associate Professor of Physics
Works on non-equilibrium systems, active matter and their biophysical applications.

Max Tegmark

Professor of Physics
Research focuses on linking physics and machine learning: using AI for physics and physics for AI.