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A. Nihat Berker

Professor of Physics, Emeritus
Best known for his research in statistical mechanics; especially on phase transitions and critical phenomena.

Arup Chakraborty

John M. Deutch Institute Professor
Professor of Chemical Engineering, Physics, and Chemistry
Understanding the mechanisms underlying the immune response to pathogens for the design of better vaccines; phase separation in gene regulation.

Soonwon Choi

Assistant Professor of Physics
Research interests are focused on the intersection of quantum information science and out-of-equilibrium dynamics of quantum many-body systems.

Liang Fu

Professor of Physics
Concerned with the application of topology in solid state physics to predict new phases of matter and topological materials.

John Joannopoulos

Francis Wright Davis Professor of Physics
Helped spawn the development of Photonic Crystals which have revolutionized the fields of optical and lightwave physics.

Steven Johnson

Professor of Applied Mathematics and Physics
Studies the influence and design of complex geometries ("metamaterials") on wave phenomena.

Mehran Kardar

Francis Friedman Professor of Physics
Interests include non-equilibrium collective behavior, disordered systems, soft matter, fluctuation-induced phenomena, and biophysics.

Patrick Lee

William & Emma Rogers Professor of Physics, Post-Tenure
A pioneer in "mesoscopic physics," the study of small devices at low temperatures.

Leonid Levitov

Professor of Physics
A pioneer in the theory of quasicrystals — orderly materials with non-crystallographic symmetries, discovered in 1985.

Max Metlitski

Associate Professor of Physics
Interested in understanding so-called topological phases, such as quantum Hall states and topological insulators.

Marin Soljačić

Professor of Physics
Focuses on nanophotonics, and on intersections between AI and Physics.

Julien Tailleur

Associate Professor of Physics
Works on non-equilibrium systems, active matter and their biophysical applications.

Senthil Todadri

Professor of Physics
Interested in novel phases and phase transitions of quantum matter that are beyond the paradigms of Fermi liquid theory and/or broken symmetry.

Xiao-Gang Wen

Cecil and Ida Green Professor of Physics
Introduced the notion of topological order (1989) and quantum order (2002), to describe a new class of matter states.